Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A few things...

I'm thinking of stealing my neighbor's cat. He's a huge, gorgeous orange long-hair named Louie. He keeps tying to escape into our house - maybe he has finally figured out that his owners are assholes and we are nice. Maybe he's in love with our cat, Lucy. Or Finn. Whatever, I don't judge. Anyway, I think they might notice if I steal their cat. So I won't. For the time being, anyway.

We're not getting back nearly as much in our tax return as originally thought. This saddens me - mainly because we're piss poor. What doesn't help is Android's dad (also our tax guy) who kept telling us that we "make too much money". Maybe for Podunk, MN - but not for Mpls. Rar. Too much money my ass.

People who ride buses are, in general, assholes. This afternoon I was waiting for my bus home, and I was second in line. While waiting for the people to get off the bus I noticed a man in a wheelchair waiting for the same bus. Because I know the etiquette, and I am a human being, I stood back so the bus driver could put down the wheelchair lift thingy. What actually happened? Everyone else pushed in front of me to get on the bus. Of course. Assholes. If it had been raining or snowing I would have put up more of a fuss, but since it was a beautiful, sunny afternoon I figured wheelchair guy wasn't going to mind the wait. Still, people are dicks.

America's Next Top Model makes me deliriously happy. It's so very trashy and delicious. Tyra is a scary and tall freak, but I kinda love her anyway.


Zosia said...

I'm watching ANTM this cycle. Though, of course, I love Lauren, I can't stand the whole "I wear Converse! I'm soooooooo punk" thing. I'm sure the producers are coaching her, though. I actually enjoyed the person who got kicked off tonight (avoiding spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen it!). I guess I don't have a favorite this season yet.

webbith said...

I also enjoyed the person who got kicked off tonight.

Oh, Lauren. Girl needs more than two pairs of shoes, I think.