Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy wedding, Ben and Ruth!

So, my friends got married today. It was a lovely ceremony, and the reception was filled with much food, drink and karaoke.

However, I learned that going to a wedding where you really only know the bride and groom makes for an awkward social situation. The Android had another function, so I was all my my lonesome... lucky for me I can pretty much talk to anyone. And, having a giant belly (I'm way past the "Is she pregnant, or just fat?" stage) helps with the ice-breaking.

I really had a lovely time - mainly because a group of the bride's college friends let me pull up a chair at their table and hang with them. Also, the cake was good - which is what I go to weddings for in the first place.

So, Ben and Ruth - I'm fairly sure neither of you read this, so I'm really just tossing this out into the universe - congratulations. You are a lovely couple and I'm so very happy for you.

This has nothing to do with anything, but here's a picture of my cat (Finn) in a hat.

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