Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday.

Me: Today's my dad's birthday.
Android: Yeah? How old would he have been?
Me: 61.
Android: That's pretty good.
Me: Well, it would be if he hadn't died at 46.
Android: You have a point.

Happy birthday to the man who taught me to love The Beatles, James Taylor, Douglas Adams, The Hobbit, and Prairie Home Companion. He let me eat corn on the cob for breakfast. He drove too fast and apparently smoked a lot of pot and left me entirely too soon. He had a loud voice and sang beautifully and loved all things Mac and ate fried bologna sandwiches. He made the best chili in the world and let me rent She Devil over and over and over again without comment.

Mike Vargo 1947-1993

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Zosia said...

Your dad really changed my life. I would not be the computer nerd I am now if it weren't for him. And I'll never forget how he rode his bike through the park with us attached on the sled. I miss him. He would be so proud of you.