Sunday, December 9, 2007

We are Klingons!

This weekend, man.

I only have the brain power for a few bullet points, so here goes:

* The Klingon Christmas Carol went off without much of a hitch - and I got billed as stage manager. I was really only involved for six days, but I think they needed someone unknown to come in and boss people around. That's what I do. I'm The Closer if you will.

* My car died. Not completely dead, just disabled. It's sitting in my mechanic's parking lot, waiting to be poked and prodded tomorrow.

* I got a little Christmas spirit this afternoon when we walked into a coffee shop to wait for the tow truck - we were going to buy some hot beverages, but we only had plastic - and they only accepted cash and checks. No worries, we asked the owner guy if we could hang out and read while we waited. The two girls sitting near us came over a bit later with a hot chocolate for each of us. It was so sweet! One girl told us that her car had to be towed a few days ago and she knew how much it sucked. I felt all warm and fuzzy for HOURS after that, and I need to find a good way to return the favor.

* I bought some fantastic cheese at the cheese shop on Friday. I came home last night to see that the Android had made macaroni and cheese out of it. Seriously. He used a Wisconsin artisan cheese, a triple-cream Brie, and an 18 month gouda for his macaroni and cheese. I swear on all that is holy, I nearly killed him last night.

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Christopher O. KIdder said...

That sounds like the best Mac & Cheese ever! I'm personally on a search for great real M&C at any price!

Thank you for your help on KCC. You really are a goddess!