Monday, November 5, 2007

No more flumping.

I'm not as nice as I think I am.

by Rick Robot (from Peace Words)

The other day i was lain in a hammock
i was enjoying the walnut droppings courtesy of a squirll high above.
then a peculiar thing: the damn wind blew the squirll from it's branch, and it headed strait for me. I could see his parachute belly.
i know, strange. perhaps he was an elderly squirll or drunk.
well i quickly stumbled away from the are with plenty of time, for the tree was very tall. I didnt want to get scratched you see. although intermittently it looked to be pretty plain that the little bugger would land quite clear of the hammock.
So I'd have been fine if i'd just stop to see. poor little fella
now, sitting here. i think what now i will try to think the next time this happens: if I am wearing any garment, i will pull it out in front of me and do my level best to catch that squirll. Darwin or no, i cant abide any more flumping.


Indeed, Rick. Indeed.

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