Friday, October 19, 2007

Forty seconds.

Last night I manned the cheese tasting bar at the liquor store (next to the cheese shop/deli where I work). Since no one else was in the cheese shop, I kept the door locked unless a customer needed some cheese.

Apparently I got distracted at one point last night, and forgot to lock the door after ringing up a customer. I was gone maybe five minutes before I realized my mistake. Nothing looked off, so I figured I was fine.

I rang up another customer later and noticed that the $20 slot in the till was empty. Weird. I could have SWORN there were three checks in there earlier...

There were.

This morning my boss looked at the survellience tapes. While i was gone a man walked into my shop, opened the till, took $60 in cash (and three personal checks), and walked out.

It took him forty seconds.

I feel like shit.

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