Tuesday, October 9, 2007

We've gotta move.

A man was stabbed across the street from my apartment building last night.

I woke up at a little after midnight to the most terrible screams I've ever heard. A man was screaming "Oh my God" and "Oh no" and probably other things that I couldn't understand. I thought I was dreaming for a while, and then I actually got annoyed (this is not the first time there has been much loudness outside my window at ungodly hours)...

The someone yelled "Someone call 911!". I looked out the bedroom window to see a man screaming in the street with a very dark stain on his chest.

What felt like a few seconds later two squad cars pulled up. Then a fire truck (which sucessfully blocked my view for the rest of the ordeal.), then a third squad car, then an ambulance.

The walls of our bedroom were alternately splashed with red and blue, red and blue. I couldn't really see anything, but I heard an officer say "Please. Just sit down and stop screaming, sir."

He had a point.

I continued to watch, Android flopped back on to the bed and grunted update requests for a few more minutes.

I don't think the man lived. I guess I don't really know for sure - but I could sort of see a stretcher loaded into the ambulance. Then one, two three squad cars left. Then the fire truck. Then the ambulance.

I asked my neighbor what happened this morning - he was the one who told me it was a stabbing. We stood on the front stoop and let the information settle for a moment, then before we parted he said "I hope my mom doesn't find out about this."

Me too.

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